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Find a Pre-Owned Luxury SUV in the Dallas Fort Worth Area with Land Rover

If you're looking for a sporty, luxury SUV in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, then you can't go wrong with the original: Land Rover. This classic British automaker is world famous for their adventurous SUVs and their sporty Range Rover models. At eCarOne, we are proud to sell pre-owned Land Rover vehicles from our luxury dealership. Stop by today and learn all about this legendary brand and see what models we have to offer.

The Land Rover Brand

This legendary British manufacturer has been producing automobiles as a company since 1978, but the original design dates back to 1947. An early influence from field-service vehicles of the time formed the rugged, 4x4 sensibilities that drivers associate with the brand today.

An early success was the 1970 introduction of the Range Rover models which performed very well overseas, but failed to gain a foothold in American markets. In the 70's the Land Rover brand actually abandoned the U.S. market, but over time the brand gained fame for its luxury and high quality and moved back in 1987 with the Range Rover. Since then Land Rover vehicles like the Discovery have been a staple of the North American auto market.

In the 21st century, Land Rover has solidified its place as a luxury brand with huge capabilities with models like Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Sport, and the Range Rover Velar. Through a partnership with the Jaguar Cars company, with whom they later merged, Land Rover began using the Jaguar AJ-V8 engine in their modern Range Rover models.

This historic brand brings decades of experience to their production, and classic British charm emanates from each and every Land Rover vehicle. So if you're looking for a used luxury SUV, buy a Land Rover.

Why Choose a Used Land Rover in Dallas-Fort Worth?

The Land Rover lineup has long been known for its innovations in luxury, its gritty all-road drivelines, and its legacy of durability. All of these qualities make it an ideal used SUV purchase if you've been looking to expand your driveway's fleet. Land Rover and Range Rover models are equipped to handle even the toughest of all road conditions, and with many of the more recent models, you'll find modern, high-tech integration that keeps you entertained on long drives or quick morning commutes.

More Details on Pre-Owned Land Rover Models We Love

We love welcoming new Land Rover additions to our used inventory here at eCarOne because each one that joins our lineup is so unique. You'll love the traditional Land Rover lineup featuring models like the Land Rover Defender, Discovery and Discovery Sport. The Defender is an upright, all-road model that offers the most rugged of features such as water fording, a low-speed transfer case, and in some cases, electronic air suspension with adaptive dynamics.

Some of our other favorite models include the Range Rover lineup, which is known for its luxury. Pick between options like the classic Range Rover with a spacious interior and luxe features, the more compact and low-profile Range Rover Sport, or the innovative, design-oriented Range Rover Evoque.

We Make Shopping for a Used Land Rover near DFW Easy

Due to our phenomenal location just minutes outside of the Dallas Fort Worth Metro area, we're able to provide our local shoppers with a dynamic range of models at competitive prices without the hassle. Our Land Rover inventory spans model year, trim level, and powertrain configuration to enable you the ultimate customization of your Land Rover SUV with a quick look at our inventory.

Take a Land Rover for a test drive near Dallas Fort Worth today at eCarOne, you will quickly fall in love with the legendary style and performance. We look forward to helping you find your next used luxury SUV. Once you have found the model you are interested in, our finance team will gladly discuss your options. Visit our Land Rover dealer near Dallas today!

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