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A vehicle protection plan is the perfect compliment to your used luxury vehicle purchase at eCarOne.

Drivers near Flower Mound, TX metro area seeking more fulfillment behind the wheel and sophistication at every turn will be interested in the extensive inventory of luxury used vehicles in our lot that we're well known for here at eCarOne. And after you're done purchasing the vehicle of your dreams, we're happy to let you know there are many options to protect and bolster your automotive love.

GAP Insurance

We encourage used luxury vehicle buyers to purchase GAP insurance to cover the themselves in the event of a total loss, or if their vehicle is stolen and unrecovered. Making up the difference between an insurance payout based on market value and the actual remaining loan balance owed for your vehicle, GAP coverage ensures you're not on the hook for a potentially large amount of money if the worst were to occur.

Service Contract

With a vehicle service contract, you can have all the parts and labor costs associated with repairs or replacements of major components covered. Select the right plan for you to meet your specific needs. These contracts are honored at repair shops across the country, so regardless of where you are when things go wrong, you can count on the coverage.

Appearance Care

Are you a perfectionist who likes your vehicle looking as close to brand new -- inside and outside -- as humanely possible? If so, than an Appearance Care plan might be a smart option. The plan features several coverage benefits focused on your vehicle's interior and exterior surfaces, wheels, and windshield.

Tire & Wheel Protection

There are plenty of hazards out there on the roadways of the Plano, TX metro area. Insure that necessary tire or wheel repairs or replacements resulting from such hazards, like potholes, nails, and debris, don't prove costly.

Key Protection

Avoid a burdensome fee if you lose your key fob or set of keys. With Key Protection coverage, you'll get a replacement key if yours is ever lost, stolen or destroyed. This coverage also extends to lockout service -- in the event you lock your keys in your car -- as well as 24-hour roadside assistance.

Theft Deterrent

Cars get stolen; it's a fact of life. But there are ways to help prevent this from happening. With the available Theft Deterrent System, your vehicle is equipped with a permanently installed device that can stop a theft in its tracks. Coverage is provided in the event that the system fails, and your vehicle is stolen and not recovered within 30 days, or the vehicle is recovered but declared a total loss.

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Back up your luxury used vehicle in the Plano, TX area with some of the best protection available, so you can enjoy every moment behind the wheel worry-free. If you have questions about these protection plans, reach out to our team today.

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