Mama D's luxury Journal: Maserati Quattroporte GTS in Carrollton

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Hi guys Mama D here, and this week I am living my dream as I am driving a Maserati Quattroporte GTS through Carrollton; one of my all time favorite cars!!! I have been a passenger in one many times but never a driver, so this was a first for me!

I had a hard time containing myself when I turned in my last car and was brought to this one!!! This car combines the best of all things…beauty, comfort, superior dynamic handling, elegance and most important for Mama D speed and power!! Needless to say I was thrilled!! The…

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Explore the 2015 BMW X6 xDrive50i, M Sport in Carrollton Today

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Hi everyone, Mama D here and this week I drove a 2015 BMW X6 xDrive50i, M Sport. Those of you that know me have probably already guessed that perhaps I was a little less enthusiastic about driving this vehicle for a number of reasons. That being said, I actually did enjoy driving this SUV and found that it had a lot of great features that I really liked (the ones I had the guts to try that is-haha).

As you all already know, POWER is what turns me on and I was not at all disappointed with the power this…

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Ever Wondered What It Would Be like to Drive a 2015 Maserati Ghibli S Q4?

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Hi Everyone, Mama D here and this week I drove a 2015 Maserati Ghibli S Q4; Bianco (white) exterior with Rosso Trofeo (red) Leather. Before I start my review I have to be honest and admit that prior to driving this car I always considered it “a wanna be” Maserati. That’s because one of my favorite cars is the Maserati Quattroporte GTS and in my mind the Ghibli was a cheap imitation of a great car.

BOY WAS I WRONG!!! From the moment I sat in the car and pushed the “Sport” mode, Mama D was in love!!!

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From Behind the Wheel of a 2018 Mercedes-Benz E400 in Carrollton

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Hello everyone. Mama D here and this week I have the pleasure of driving a 2018 Mercedes Benz E400 Coup AMG Line. I have to admit that I was totally unfamiliar with this model Mercedes-Benz so it was a learning experience for me.

From the outside this is a really sharp looking midsize luxury car complimented with AMG Body Styling and 19” AMG 5-Spoke Wheels that anyone would be proud to be driving!

Upon entering the car, the first thing I noticed was how lavish the interior was and the size of the central display…it’s actually a 12…

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Nothing Like a Pre-Owned Luxury to Help You Enjoy Driving More

Lexus has become one of the most popular luxury automakers available to buyers today because of their ability to not only offer incredible luxury features, but a better performance. A Lexus models can be enjoyed in numerous different ways and for shoppers who have a tighter budget to adhere to, then there is nothing like a pre-owned Lexus is the premier choice for you. Check out all of the pre-owned Lexus models here at e-CarOne

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Experience the 2015 Jaguar F-Type R in Carrollton at eCarOne

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Hello everyone, Mama D here and this week I am so excited to be driving a 2015 Jaguar F-Type R through the Dallas area streets. Even before entering the car I just had to pause for a moment and take in the exquisite lines of this exotic beast! This is just one gorgeous, sexy car so let’s see how it drives because it sure looks hot!!!!

When I unlocked the car the, door handles popped out; a feature that enhances the overall appearance of the car.

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Experience True Italian Luxury at a Price You Will Love

Italian luxury cars are some of the most highly sought-after options available because they bring drivers a level of comfort, luxury and performance that is not found in any other car in its class. There are not a wide variety of different options with this particular set of features, but luckily the top option available today is Maserati and here at eCarOne, we 

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What Does It Feel Like to Test Drive a Mercedes-Benz C300 Convertible AMG?

This week I am test driving a 2018 Mercedes-Benz C300 Convertible AMG Line. I must admit that I was a bit apprehensive at first because I have only driven larger, more powerful Mercedes-Benz due to my “need for speed!” It was a really sharp great looking car..but how would it perform? Well guess what? I was very pleasantly surprised at all the power this car had with its 2 L Turbocharged 240 HP 4 Cylinder Engine. I really stepped on it as I entered the express lanes of 183 and was quickly cruising at 95 MPH.

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Treat Yourself to a Striking Used BMW For a Fantastic Price in Carrolton, TX.

If you reside in the greater Dallas area here in the great state of Texas, then you already know just how many dealerships are out there that you can do business with. However, there really just is one clear choice for you if you'd like to soon purchase a pre-owned BMW that is both well-maintained and also very well-priced...

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