There's nothing quite like getting behind the wheel of a used luxury vehicle for a competitive price. We think you'll appreciate the ease of shopping for a pre-owned Tesla in our selection here at eCarOne. Because we specialize in selling used vehicles solely, you'll find that we work towards getting you behind the right car, not the most expensive car. See why a Tesla could be right for you.

Perks of Deriving a Used Tesla

many drivers present reservations when it comes to investing in a used electric vehicle. However, choosing an EV as a pre-owned purchase is actually a huge benefit. Like any used vehicle, you'll be saving money from the onset. Because EVs are so popular right now, their prices can be very high when new. Battery-powered vehicles are known for their diminished servicing needs. There is very little to an electric powertrain, meaning there are fewer parts and pieces to break or damage. You won't spend the same amount in service fees with a used electric model as you would with a used gas model.

Tesla Models You Can Find in Our Pre-Owned Selection

We have had, and continue to stock, all four of the Tesla models in the lineup. You have two car options: The Tesla Model 3, which is a sports sedan style, and the Tesla Model S, which is a full-sized luxury sedan style. Those who crave an SUV can pick between the Tesla Model Y, a compact model at a more competitive price point, or the Tesla Model X, the largest vehicle of the lineup with stunning horsepower and range options.

Book a Journey Around the Block

Is it time for you to have the experience of driving a Tesla for yourself? We think it is too. Get started with a quick test drive with our dealership, eCarOne, your trusted local pre-owned car experts. We think you'll find that used Tesla has so much life to offer your family. Explore our used inventory today.