Learn About Driver Assistance Features on Used Cars in Dallas


At eCarOne, drivers in Dallas who are searching for used cars are also looking to find vehicles that have modern technology. That includes driver assistance. These offer both convenience and safety and enhance your driving experience overall. With plenty of recent model year used cars available for those in areas like Frisco, Irving, and Plano, you can find a standout ride with modern technology to give you the driver assistance features you desire.

Driver assistance features is a general term to describe technology that is aimed at making your ride more convenience. As we said, it usually refers to safety. One common driver assistance feature is a backup or rearview camera. That's found across many of our used cars including the likes of our many used Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and BMW options, plus other brands like Jeep, and Toyota options too. It's functionality is clear: it helps you back up and park while giving you a better idea of your surroundings and what's behind you or how close you are to an object.

Other driver assistance features include forward collision warning, or a system that will send an audible alert if it senses you're too close to a vehicle and driving at a speed that might result in a collision so you can apply the brakes and stay safe. That's found on many of our used luxury cars here in the Dallas area. There's also blind spot monitoring and lane keep assist which help you stay centered and safe when changing lanes on city streets of freeways throughout the area.

Plenty of the used cars here that are within four to five model years old are likely to have many of these driver assistance features. They add another level of appeal to them on top of many luxury cars, and the savings you're going to find with them. To learn more, contact us here at eCarOne, and we'd be happy to provide you with all details and answer any questions you might have.

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