Mama D Climbs into a Land Rover Range Rover Sport in Carrollton

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Hi all Mama D here and I’m back…did you miss me? This past week I had the absolute pleasure to drive a fantastic 2015 Land Rover Range Rover Sport 3.0L V6 Supercharged HSE 4X4 loaded to the gills with all kinds of options and goodies! The exterior is a stunning Aruba Gold Premium and the interior is equally stunning with Espresso/Almond Oxford Perforated Leather Seats accentuated with Shadow Zebrano Wood Trim.

This Range Rover is definitely a lot higher than vehicles that I am used to driving so it was quite a stretch…literally for Mama D to get into the vehicle-lol... but I am only 5’3” so I am guessing this is no problem for others!! Once again the start button is in a new place, not on the left or on the steering wheel; this one is to the upper right side next to the A/C vent…sometimes I think they give me all different ones to drive me nuts-lol. Maybe they are secretly filming America’s Funniest Home Videos and I don’t know it!!

The seats are super comfy and fully adjustable, as is the steering wheel and the cockpit is well laid out and easy to navigate. I was, believe it or not, able to almost effortlessly set my phone up on bluetooth…and yes it does work..quite a feat for Mama D…cause you know me-lol.

I adjusted all the mirrors and we are ready to take off to I35E…and today I will definitely not be doing any real “high speed” driving because I do not have my Valentine1 with me. That said, the car has great pickup (I had to get on it at least once and see what does) and smooth fast acceleration and the ride is really nice. Overall, this Range Rover Sport is an extremely comfortable luxury vehicle to drive….perfect for on or off road driving.

One of the things Mama D loved is the backup camera with side view which is a tremendous help to me. I can easily back up and maneuver the vehicle around with no problem! Another feature that I think is great are the Adaptive Xenon Headlights because sometimes Mama D can’t see much on dark roads!! This Range Rover Sport also has Blind Spot Assist and this feature is truly a life saver, so much so that Mama D gets nervous driving a vehicle that doesn’t have this option!!

This Range Rover Sport is extremely easy to navigate around in and was lots of fun to drive….I could imagine going off road crossing a stream in the woods and slinging mud everywhere…but of course Mama D wouldn’t dare!!! It has a great turning radius even though it’s a bigger vehicle. The rear seats are also extremely comfy, are heated and there is a nice rear seat center armrest.

This Range Rover Sport combines the best of both worlds delivering a luxury driving experience as well as unlimited off road capabilities; a perfect combination. This vehicle has too many options for me to list or heaven forbid try! I drove through a torrential down pour on 820 and I was relieved to be driving what I was because other cars were pulling over but this Range Rover Sport handled it like it was a sunny day!!!

You don’t have to take Mama D’s word for it; just head on over to eCarOne and test drive a Land Rover Range Rover Sport through the Carrollton streets!! Feel free to browse the full selection of Land Rover SUVs at our Dallas area dealership. Make sure you tell them Mama D sent you and until next time, safe and happy driving!

And on a final note..if someone read this please make a comment if only to say “hi.”

Mama D

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